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Tony Carr

​Tony Carr, stands at a whopping five foot three inches tall, when on stage, he is bigger than life.  Tony’s self-inflicting style of comedy, may be uncomfortable for some, but he always connects with this audience.  
Comedy clubs such as Zanies Chicago have welcomed Tony to their world famous stage.  He has also been featured at Harry Carey’s, Walter Payton’s Round House, Donnie B’s Funny Bone and The Comedy Station of San Francisco.
Tony Carr’s love of comedy has also led him to producing. Tony is currently the producer of several shows in the Chicago suburbs. These rooms give new comics, as well as seasoned comics, a place to perform for “real audiences” rather than at open mics. These shows are a positive part of the community, and an opportunity for the comics to sharpen their skills, and have fun.

Tony Carr’s latest project is Chicago’s Comedy Scene Radio, which is an online radio station that focuses on the amazing comics performing nightly in Bars and Comedy Clubs in Chicago.

 "Comedy is like porn… Everyone thinks they would be great at it, until the lights and cameras are on, and they can’t remember how to perform.”

Tony Carr



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